Curated Audio News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Audio conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Facebooks latest transparency tool doesnt offer much so we went digging (02-25-2020)
Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses (02-16-2020)
Scripts from The Office, the dataset (12-30-2019)
Top 10 Architecture Blog Posts of 2019 (12-23-2019)
Google's ARCore Depth API Brings Depth Maps and Occlusion to Non (12-15-2019)
Build Your Language Prowess with WordsAPI (11-25-2019)
How (10-25-2019)
Pub/Sub Local Emulator (10-22-2019)
Facebook isnt free speech, its algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage (10-20-2019)
WordPress REST API (09-11-2019)
Roboats are Modular Autonomous Boats That Transform into Dynamic Floating Infrastructure (09-06-2019)
How Patents Drive Innovation at Facebook (08-29-2019)
Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun is coming to Disrupt SF (08-27-2019)
Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Mandarin and Russian (08-23-2019)
How to Avoid Cost Pitfalls by Monitoring APIs in AWS Lambda (08-23-2019)
Introduce React Plugin Template (08-22-2019)
How to Smartly Sunset and Deprecate APIs (08-22-2019)
Porsche invests in low visibility sensor startup TriEye (08-21-2019)
PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Automation (08-21-2019)
Facebook will use humans to curate its News Tab (08-20-2019)
Study finds US carriers aggressively throttle video streams (08-19-2019)
MIT built a better way to deliver high (08-19-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
Side (08-14-2019)
TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended (08-14-2019)
WebSSL (08-12-2019)
Audio and Podcasting Fact Sheet (07-09-2019)
OTT Apps (10-06-2018)
Sonos to Freely Open Developer Program (08-31-2018)
Sonos Kills it with New Sonos Amp, Seriously Open API, Sonance In (08-29-2018)
Audio notifications are coming to Sonos speakers (08-29-2018)
Third (08-29-2018)
List of the Top Audio and Video Streaming APIs (06-28-2018)
No, Facebook did not patent secretly turning your phone mics on when it hears your TV (06-28-2018)
Build An Audio Translator With Vue.js, Yandex Translate API and Responsive Voice (05-14-2018)
Introducing Freesound Datasets (and more!) (04-12-2018)
Sennheiser launches Augmented Audio Developers Program (03-12-2018)
Announcing the New Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library to Create More Engaging Skills (03-02-2018)
Audio Traffic API released by TomTom (02-08-2018)
Amazon launches a Polly WordPress plugin that turns blog posts into audio, including podcasts (02-08-2018)
TomTom Launches TomTom Audio Traffic: Personalised Traffic Bulletins (02-06-2018)
Sound Classification With TensorFlow (01-25-2018)
Audio Control API announced by Sony (12-22-2017)
Deezer Launches Proprietary Audio Recognition Feature (12-15-2017)
Listen Notes API: Search (Almost) all Podcasts & Episodes (12-01-2017)
Amazon Transcribe is a sophisticated transcription service for AWS (11-29-2017)
Amazon Transcribe Accurate Speech To Text At Scale (11-29-2017)
SoundCloud shows how its algorithms influence music streams (11-20-2017)
Pentek Introduces Cost (11-15-2017)
Edit audio podcasts by editing the text transcripts (11-10-2017)
How SoundCloud Lost Its Way (10-11-2017)
Serverless Audio Transcription (10-04-2017)
Making audio searchable with Cloud Speech (09-26-2017)
Bose's next headphones may include Google Assistant (09-14-2017)
Hackers Can Use Ultrasounds to Take Control of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Others (09-07-2017)
Hackers send silent commands to speech recognition systems with ultrasound (09-06-2017)
Experimenting with React Native & Expos Audio API (09-06-2017)
Bringing Real (09-01-2017)
Digital Initiatives Look to Give Radio a Boost in Western Europe (08-31-2017)
Google Cloud Speech API Improves Longform Audio Recognition Adds New Language Variants (08-25-2017)
SoundCloud isn't shutting down just yet (08-11-2017)
Soundcloud Isn't Dead Yet, But Its Greatest Legacy Could Soon Be (07-27-2017)
How SoundCloud's broken business model drove artists away (07-21-2017)
SoundCloud is stopping people archiving content on its platform (07-21-2017)
A data hoarder claims he's downloaded all 900TB of SoundCloud (07-18-2017)
Archive Team promises to back up SoundCloud amid worries of a shutdown (07-17-2017)
A quick hack to align single (07-16-2017)
Ask Alexa to play your favorite SiriusXM station (06-20-2017)
Apple's New Transparency Is Huge for Podcasts Everywhere (06-13-2017)
PodcasterPro RSS (06-04-2017)
Word (05-31-2017)
SoundCloud is now available on Xbox One (05-31-2017)
Audibles new $5 million fund will pay emerging playwrights to write audio dramas (05-30-2017)
Mogees picks up seed funding to put audio (05-25-2017) Turn your articles into podcasts (05-22-2017)
Medium is recording audio versions of its top stories (05-19-2017)
Medium subscribers now get audio recordings of top stories (05-19-2017)
Medium launches audio versions of stories for members (05-18-2017)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Audio Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


SoundCloud is a music and podcast streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs from around the world, or upload your own. Start listening now!

  • Blog - The blog for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Blog - The blog for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Blog RSS - The blog rss for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Careers - The careers for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Console - The console for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Developer - The developer for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Developers - The developers for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Github - The github for the SoundCloud platform.
  • LinkedIn - The linkedin for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Pricing - The pricing for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Privacy - The privacy for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Status - The status for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Support - The support for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Terms Of Service - The terms of service for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.
  • Website - The website for the SoundCloud platform.

Sound Cloud

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Other Audio Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

3ivx develops audio/video codecs, and streaming/transcoding components for H.264, MPEG-4, HE-AAC and HLS on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Unix/Linux.


ACXtractor is a fast, professional and user friendly CD ripper for Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP (aka audio grabber, digital audio extraction, CD to MP3). You can extract your AUDIO-CDs very easily and save it as WAV (make a copy of your original CD) MP3 or OGG vorbis. With the freeware CDAID you can obtain CD information like artist and song title from freedb or CDDB over internet.

ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)

Annesoft Downloads

Freeware and Shareware Download, Software for MP3, Video, DVD, Online, Audio, Desktop Enhancements, Games, Internet, Multimedia and Design, EBook, Software Development, ActiveX, OCX, productivity, finance, Utilities, Web, Free, News, Screensaver, MS Windows, Home and Education.

ARTH International, Inc.


Digital audio software company. Makers of Prophet V, Analog Factory, Origin, Jupiter-8V, CS-80v, ARP2600 V, Modular V, Mini V, Brass, Storm, imini, spark, drum machine, beatstep, keylab


Audio Software Developer specialised in emulating 303, 808 and 909 synths


CD/Multimedia/DVD Player,CD Ripper,12 and 34 band Spectrum Analyzer,15 and 31 band Parametric/Graphic EQ,Internet Radio,Media Server,Database,online freedb support,freeware


cfaith is a leading provider of free Christian content for the worldwide faith community. Cfaiths extensive content library includes thousands of teaching articles, daily devotions, and audio and video messages from hundreds of different pastors and ministers. is a leading resource for software, freeware, free JAVA Applets, tools, scripts, and how-to articles for web developers, and downloads of interest to both general computer users and web developers.


Cog, an open source audio player for Mac OS X


power mp3 wma wav converter recorder and cutter tools, avi dvd burner free download

Crossfire Designs

Crossfire Designs - Audio Apps, UI Designs, Photography and more

Dean's Director Tutorials

Macromedia / Adobe Director tutorial site. Tutorials cover the Director basics to advanced Lingo and 3D. Includes animation, sound, shockwave 3D, and programming.


DePopper is the first low cost vinyl restoration program that really works. Only US$18. 30 days free evaluation.


Discord is a proprietary freeware voice-over-Internet Protocol application designed for gaming communities, that specializes in text, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

Download That

Fast downloads for thousands of the best shareware and freeware programs for Windows, Mac and PDA.

DUMB - Dedicated Universal Music Bastardisation

EZ CD Audio Converter

Convert music between all audio file formats with professional audio quality. Music conversion to/from FLAC, MP3, M4A, AAC, Opus, DSD, WAV, OGG, and more audio formats. Securely rip audio CDs in bit perfect quality. Free download

FabFilter Software Instruments

Quality Audio Plug-Ins for Mixing, Mastering and Recording - VST VST3 AU AAX AudioSuite.




Full Moon Software

Golden Aset

free VST/VSTi graphic control elements for SynthEdit, Golden Aset VST Instrument, sound library for Wusikstation, sound library for Kontakt, my music - free MP3 songs

Gracebyte Software

The creators of CoolCD Studio - CDDB enabled CD Player, Network Assistant - instant messaging software for the network or intranet environment and OpenGL screen savers

Griff Pocket Music Studio

PlanetGriff is the home of Griff, the Portable Audio Studio for PocketPC.

GSI (General Sound Interface)

HTML5 Rocks

A resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today, including information on specific features and when to use them in your apps.


Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads

Mac OSX MIDI Developers Resource



MacRocks is devoted to the promotion of everything and everyone that rocks with a Mac! Mac Audio News, Reviews, helpful articles and links to Hardware and Software for the new user of Macs & Music are published every month.

Mediatech Industrial Inc.


Educational Musical Games - Games online - Documents et activités sur le thème de la musique.


Professional Audio Project File Format EDL Converter

MultiMedia Soft

Multimedia Soft: specialized in software custom controls development (ActiveX controls and .NET components).


MultitrackStudio is audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for both home recording, one track at a time, and live multitrack recording.

NCH Swift Sound

NCH Software has received numerous awards in software excellence for our Windows/Mac video, audio, graphics, computer utility, dictation and business software.


NETIA est un fournisseur mondial de solutions logicielles performantes dautomation radio et de gestion et diffusion de contenus vers lensemble des plateformes média actuelles. Les solutions NETIA ont été adoptées par plus de 20 000 utilisateurs, à travers 200 installations réparties sur plus de 40 pays. Ces solutions permettent aux producteurs et aux détenteurs de contenus de gérer leurs médias, de lacquisition jusquà la diffusion, en ciblant les supports multi-plateformes comme internet, la VOD, les services IPTV, et la téléphonie mobile. NETIA propose ses solutions de gestion de contenus aux principaux groupes de radio et de télévision partout dans le monde, et plusieurs succès récents font également de lentreprise un acteur incontournable dans le domaine des télécommunications.


Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game framework. A fast, free and fun open source framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games.

Quadravox, Inc.


Rosegarden is a powerful audio, MIDI and score editing and sequencing environment for musicians.

Sagan Technology Metro

Home of Sagan Technology and Metro 6, award winning Audio Video MIDI sequencer for Macintosh Computers.

Siegrist, Jenn

Jenn Siegrist is a web designer and developer based in London and Basingstoke. She enjoys creating responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS (usually with Java or PHP). Recently she has been building websites for the CQ5 CMS.


Soft 14 - freeware shareware download: good programs, software foroffice, business, productivity, finance, video, audio, games, internet, multimedia and design, ebook, web, software development, DVD, mp3, utilities, web, free, news, MS Windows, home and education and hobby, catalog, store and archive, desktop enhancements, screensaver. Free download links, reviews, top 20 downloads, over 200 categories. Purchase or free trial demo download. Full search...

Solo Explorer

Wav to midi conversion and automatic music transcription software. Converts monophonic audio to midi, extracts and displays pitch and music score, lets you play, edit, and save them.


Soundeyes, solution denregistrement et archivage de sources sonores audio vidéo téléphonie radio

TFT Gallery

TFTgallery is a powerful, lightweight PHP media gallery without database access.

The Void: PC Audio Resource

Welcome to The Voids MIDI and Module music section! This section focuses on works by the pages owner as well as several other selected artists.

Universal Internet Dialer

5 great telephony applications for Windows. TAPI compliant programs work with all kind of modems and telephony cards.


The V range of products started with vP-1 in 2000, but now has grown into family of related products. There are currently thousands of vPedals in daily use around the world vPe

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

'file Database''file System'.NET Components20003033D3D Button3ivx3vix80890998AACAaxAbcAccelerateAcceleratorAcceleratorsAccountingAcquisitionAction ScriptingActiveActiveXActiveX ControlsACXtractorAdobeAdobe DirectorAdsrAIFFAkaiAlarmAll-In-OneAnalogAnalog FactoryAnglaisAnimationAnti SpamAnti SpywareAntivirusAPI LIfeycleAppApp DesignAppleAppletsApplicationApplicationsApppcacheApprendreApprentissageAppsArchivageArchiveArchivingArp2600ArtArticlesArturiaArtveraArtworkerASIOAspASPIAspi DriverASPI RipAssetASSISTAssisted TelephonyATATAPIAtariAudioAudio Cd PlayerAudio ComponentsAudio File ConverterAudio FormatsAudio GrabberAudio ProcessingAudio RipperAudio To MidiAudio UnitsAudiosAudioUnitAudiovisualAudiovisuelAudmorphAuto DialAutodialersAutoloaderAutoloadersAutomaticAutomationAviéducationBachBallsBandesBasicBasingstokeBassBBCBeethovenBehaviorsBerkshireBestBibleBitcrusherBizetBlogBoosterBrassBrennerBrennsystemBroadcastBroadcasterBroadcastingBrowsersBurnBurnerBurnersBurningBusinessBusiness Best Program ToolButlerButtonBuyByte RateCC++CaféCafeCakewalkCallCall CenterCaller IDCalling CardCanvasCardCaricaturesCDCd Audio ProtectionCd GrabberCd PlayerCd RecorderCd RipperCD ROM DevelopmentCd To Mp3Cd To Mp3 ConverterCd To Ogg Vorbis ConverterCd To WavCd-audio To Mp3Cd-audio To WavCD-RCd-ripperCd-romCD-RUNNERCD-RWCdaidCddbCddb Cd PlayerCddb DatabaseCddb GrabberCdexCdplayerCDRCdripperCDROMCelloCGIChallengeChannelChansonChanteurChatChopinChorusChristChristianChromeChronosClassicClassiqueCléClicksCodeCodeBrain.comCodecCollisionColorsComédieCommunicationCommunitiesComponentComponentsComposerCompositeurCompressionCompressorComputerComputer GraphicsComputersConnectionConsultantContentContenuContenusContributionControl ElementsConversationConversionConvertConverterConvertersConvertorCoolCDCoolCD StudioCopelandCopiersCopyCreateCreativeCreflo DollarCrossfire DesignsCs-80CSSCSS3CubaseCubase SXCubase VstCubasisCutCutterCvDAEDAPDataDatabaseDavidDAWDe-esserDead ManDeclickerDecoderDehisserDelayDeliveryDemoDepopperDesignerDesignsDesktop EnhancementsDeveloperDevelopmentDevicesDevotionalDevotionalsDFF To FLACDHTMLDialDialerDialupDictationDictation RecorderDiffuseurDiffusionDigidesignDigitalDigital AudioDigital Audio ExtractionDigital MixersDirectorDirector ArticlesDirector ResourcesDirector SitesDirector TechniquesDirectoriesDirectShowDiscDiscussionsDisplayerDistortionDistributionDivxDjDj StudioDlDollarDOSDownloadDownload AcceleratorDownload ManagerDownload ManagersDownloadableDownloaderDownloadsDrag And DropDragsterDriveDrumDrum MachineDSD To FLACDSF To FLACDTMFDubberDubbersDUNDuplantisDuplicationDuplicatorsDVDDVD+RDVD+RWDVD-RDVD-RWDVDRE-commerceEasyEasy Cd-da ExtractorEbookEditEditingEditorEdlEducationEffectsElectronic CommerceElectronicsEmulationEncoderEncoding ServiceEncryptionEncyclopédieEnglandEngland Web DesignEnregistrementEnveloppeEqEqualizerEspagnolEthan WinerExcel DialerExeExperienceFaFaithFaith SermonsFAQsFastFasterFastestFileFile APIFilereaderFilesFilterFilter SuiteFirewireFLACFlac To Mp3FlashgetFnacFoobar2000Foot PedalsForumsFramesFrameworkFrançaisFranceFreeFree DownloadFree DownloadsFree To TryFreedbFreelanceFreelancerFreewareFTPFull MoonG3G4GalleryGameGamesGöhlerGearGeolocationGestionGETGetrightGodGoehlerGoodGozillaGrabGrabberGracebyte SoftwareGraphicGraphic ArtGraphic DesignGraphicsGraphics And AnimationGratonGratuicielGratuitGriffGriffin NE Mic AdapterGUI DesignGuitareGX2H.264HaginHammondHampshireHardwareHE-AACHeadsetHertzienHigh-speedHissHLSHoly SpiritHomeHome NetworkHome RecordingHome Recording SoftwareHome-studioHot Key PluginHow To Design Web SitesHTMLHtml 5HTML5Html5 DemosHtml5 ExamplesHTTPHTTP Live StreamingHybridHypercastIBookIcons CollectionsID3IeIMacImacsImage GalleriesIncreaseIndexeddbInformationInkjetInnovationInstant MessagingInstrumentInstrumentation ComponentsInstrumentsInteractive DesignerInteractivityInterfaceInternetIntranetInvoicingIpIPadIPhoneIPodIPortIRCISO9660ITITunes PluginJ++JavaJava ScriptJazzJerry SavelleJesse DuplantisJesusJeuJeuxJolietJukeboxJupiter-8Keith ButlerKenneth CopelandKenneth HaginKeyboardKeyboardsKnobLabelLabelingLANLan ChatLatticeLayoutLeadLeaderLearningLectureLFOLibraryLigneLimiterLingoLinuxLogicLogicielLogicielsLondonLookLoopLynne HammondM4AM4A To MP3MacMac HammondMac OSMacintoshMacRocksMacromediaMahlerMailing ListMainframManagerManagersManreoMarvintecMasteringMémorisationMétronimoMétronomeMêlésMecklenburg VorpommernMediaMedia FoundationMedia LoggingMediaformMediaPlayerMediasMessageMeta TagsMeterMetro 6MetronimoMicroboardsMicrodryMIdMIDIMIDI SequencerMinistryMinivMixMixingMm-edlMmedlMmp-16Mmp16Mmr-8Mmr8MobileMobilesModModemModem DialerModularModulationModuleMonitorMonkeyMoteurMotsMoviesMozartMP3Mp3 Conversion SoftwareMp3 ConverterMp3 RipperMp3 SoftwareMp3 To WavMP4MPCMPEGMPEG-4Mpeg4Ms WindowsMulti-ChannelMultichannelMultimediaMultimedia AuthoringMultimedia DesignMultimedia IconsMultimedia SoftMultisupportMultitrack Recording SoftwareMultitrackstudioMusepackMusicMusic And AudioMusic ConversionMusic ConverterMusic Recording SoftwareMusic SoftwareMusicalMusical EquipmentMusicauxMusicianMusiciansMusicienMusiqueMx-2424Mx2424My API StackNAMMNetNetboosterNetiaNetworkNetwork AssistantNew MediaNewsNodal MasterNoiseNotationNotificationsNTNuendoNZeroOeuvresOfficeOfflineOGGOgg VorbisOmfOnlineOnline PortfolioOpéraOpenGLOpennetOpentlOpportunitiesOriginOSOS XOscillatorOsx PluginP.d.q.PADPalmParam EqParametersPartagicielPatternPDAPdqPdsPedalPedal BluetoothPedal SwitchPedal UsbPedestalPenduPerlPhaserPhonePhone BookPhone CardPhotoPhotographyPhysicsPianoPimPitchPitch To MidiPlanetGriffPlatformsPlayerPlayersPlugPlug-inPlug-insPluginPluginsPocket PCPocketPCPopsPortablePortfolioPortfoliosPortraitsPOSTPowerPowerftpPowerPCPpcPrayerPremasteringPremierePresentationPresetPrimeraPrintersPrionPro ToolsPro Tools ConverterProduceProducerProductionProductivityProfessionalProgramProgrammingProgramsProjectProphetProtectionProtoolsProxyPublishingPucciniPurchasePuzzleQbQualityQuery CddbQuickQuickbasicQuickpakQuicktimeQuicktime PluginQuicktime VRQuizRRadioRadio-assistRaiRaidenRaiden MusicRAMRapidRateRDACDRealRealAudioRechercheRecognitionRecordRecorderRecordersRecordingRecording Studio SoftwareRedialRegetReplicationResourcesRestaurationRestorationResumeResumesReverbReviewRfoRibbon BarRimageRipRipperRippersRippers & EncodersRoboterRock And RollRockRidgeRolandRomRossiniRostockRTLRWRythmeSACD To FLACSampleSamplerSamplesSamplingSavelleSchedulingSchoolSchreiberScoreScratchesScreen SaverScreensaverScriptScriptingScriptsSCSISDKSearch EnginesSecuritySequenceSequencerSequencersSequencingSermonsServerServersService APIShareSharewareShockwaveShockwave 3DShockwave3DShowcaseSibeliusSite ManagementSkypeSliderSocialSoftSoftsynthSoftwareSoftware DevelopersSoftware DevelopmentSolSolfègeSonSonicSonoresSoundSound And MusicSound DialingSound EngineerSound LibrariesSound LibrarySound RecorderSoundblasterSoundcardSoundcloudSoundLibSoundsSource CodeSourcecodeSpeakerphoneSpeechSpeedSpeed DialSpeed UpSpheresSpritesSseStackerStefanSteinbergStereoStormStreamingStreaming MediaStreamsStudioSubmit CddbSubtitleSuccessfulSw3dSwissonicSwitch Audio File FormatSXSymphonySyntEditSynthSynthesiserSynthesizerSynthesizersSystemTaeTapemodeTapiTascamTéléphonieTéléphoniqueTétrisTb-303Tb303TCP/IPTeachingsTeamTechTechnologyTechnotesTelecommunicationsTelemarketingTelevisionTerrestrialTestTetrisTFTgalleryThéorieThe VoidTheoryTheory And Ear TrainingThermalThree DimensionalThree-dimensionalTim ConrardyToToneToolsTotalPDATowersTr-606Tr-808Tr-909Tr808Tr909TracksTranscoderTranscodingTranscriptionTransferTransfer RateTransmissionTravelTrialTutorialTutorialsTVTypingU-shareUDFUDPUIUI DesignUKUnixURLUSBUSB Studio DUSB-to-MIDI Serial AdapterUserUser ExperienceUser Interface ComponentsUshareUsinessUtUtilitiesUXVariétéVb/dosVdictateVDictate…?Vera KinterVerdiVidéoVideoVideo CompressionVideo PlaybackVideo-Over-IPVideosVinylVirtualVirtual Studio TechnologyVirtual SynthesizerVisualVisual BasicVisual CommunicationVisualBasicVisualization ComponentsVKVO-IPVoiceVoidVoid AudioVOIPVorbisVpedalVPedal.comVPedal…?VPedal…? VDictate…?VstVST InstrumentVSTiWarehouseWAVWav To MidWav To MidiWAV To MP3Wav2midWav2midiWaveWave To MidiWaveframeWavepackWavetableWavPackWebWeb ApplicationsWeb AuthoringWeb DesignWeb DeveloperWeb DevelopersWeb DevelopmentWeb HostingWeb MasterWeb Page DesignWeb PagesWeb ServersWeb Site DesignWeb Site DevelopersWeb Site PublicityWeb ToolsWeb WorkersWebGLWebmasterWebmastersWebsite DesignWebsitesWiltshireWINWinamp PluginWindacWindowsWindows 2000Windows 8Windows 95Windows 98Windows Media Player PluginWindows Phone 8WinpopupWmaWritersWVXMXMLXPXtraXvidYAA Software

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.